Rebeca Yanes is a junior at Stanford University majoring in Mathematical and Computational Science. Throughout her college years, she has not only demonstrated leadership and community service, but she has maintained an outstanding 3.84 GPA. It is her academic success and engaging demeanor that have landed her in the Class of 2013 HENAAC Scholars and a $1,200 scholarship sponsored by NASA Ames Research Center.

During her freshman year, Rebeca was quick in making a presence at Stanford. She took on several leadership roles including Vice President of the Venezuelan Student Association (VenSA), Recruitment and Membership Director of SSCLES, and Community Coordinator of the Chicano/Latino Orientation Committee and Program Coordinator for El Centro. Rebeca’s superiors at El Centro were so incredibly impressed with her quality as a young professional and community leader in her freshman year that they went on to hire her as Program Coordinator during her sophomore year, a role that was usually filled by junior and seniors.

Rebeca’s passion for community service unveiled while working at El Centro. She coordinated several campus events for Stanford affiliates who were interested in Stanford’s Hispanic community center, and she was responsible for organizing two large programming events per quarter for over 300 attendees. Rebeca also cofounded VenSA at Stanford with the support of two peers. Her dedication to community service was so strong that she took time from her study abroad program in Madrid to spread awareness of VenSA’s debut student rally by spending hours emailing their contacts and other organizations. In the words of her peers, Rebeca is truly accountable and passionate about being involved in her community.


On Friday, October 3, 2014, hundreds of innovative and socially-minded Latinas met at Google’s Silicon Valley Office for the third stop on the LATINAS THINK BIG™  national tour.

Sponsored by Google and broadcast to virtual viewers via Google+ Hangout On Air, LATINAS THINK BIG™ Innovation Summit featured presentations by six talented Latina innovators: Judy Tomlinson, Lisa Morales-Hellebo, Oli Bichell, Mahrinah von Schlegel, Rebeca Yanes, and Zoraida Velasco.